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I create digital experiences that help individuals and brands tell their story and grow their business. I have worked in marketing and design around Asia since 2012, excelling in capacities ranging from strategy to team management in both successful startups and globally recognized multinationals.

As a freelancer, I collaborate with teams and offer feedback through strategy, user experience, media creation, and design. By the time development starts, I have an intimate idea of the projects goals and a detailed technical strategy for how to achieve them.

Andy Tsai
Phone : +886 978 827 686
Email : hello@atsai.co
Instagram : a24tsai


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  • Data Science
    Professional Certificate

    Exp. Completion: May 2018

    HARVARDx (edX)

  • Digital Product Mgmt

    Exp. Completion: Oct. 2018

    BUx (edX)

  • Early Childhood Education

    2009 - 2010

    Western New England University

  • Education / Entrepreneurship

    2009 - 2010

    Fullerton College